Hay, Straw & Baleage


We source our hay, straw, baleage, and other animal feed and farm supplements from all over the country. We can provide you with top quality products, all year round.


Get in before the rush and save! Pre-order now to get hay straight from our paddock to yours. Saving you money and time. 

Sizes to suit you

With units of large squares, medium squares, packed conventional or large rounds (on request), choose the size that works for you. 

Wide range available

Keeping your cattle and horses healthy and well-fed with our wide range of hay, straw, baleage and other animal feed and farm supplements. 

Hay: Meadow | Lucerne | Pea Vine

Straw: Barley | Oat | Wheat | Pea

Baleage: Annual | Meadow | Lucerne

Dry stored

We shed store all of our Hay and Straw to keep it in top condition until it reaches your farm.


We can deliver your animal feed and farm supplements straight to your door to help keep your farm running smoothly.